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Do you offer baby plans for more than one session?

Yes.  We offer a Milestones Bundle and a Moments & Milestones Bundle.  To view these and other options, click here:  Baby Plan Packages

Do your sessions include a disc of images?

No.  Some packages include a few digital images but most of your purchases are made at the Reveal Appointment.  

When should I schedule my maternity session?

We recommend doing maternity sessions when you are 32 to 35 weeks pregnant so schedule about a month or more in advance.

May I include my spouse and younger children in our sessions?

Yes!  We encourage a few shots with each especially at maternity and newborn sessions!

When should I schedule my newborn session?

We will note your due date on our calendar as soon as you know your due date to allow time in our calendar.  If you have a scheduled C-Section, we can pencil in a session date beforehand.  Regardless, we recommend doing the newborn photos when the baby is between 5 and 12 days old for the best most adorable shots!

What do I need for my newborn session?

We will talk to you more before the newborn session about ideas as we love incorporating special things like your grandmother's pearls or Dad's football, a blanket made for the baby, and more!  BUT you don't have to bring anything except the baby, we have lots of options as well!

What can I expect at the newborn session?

These sessions typically last up to two hours or so depending on the mood of the baby.  We send you a list of easy helpful tips beforehand to help ensure a successful session.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you and let you use the session time to relax!  

Where will we do the newborn and other sessions?  

We can do the newborn session at our studio where we have lots of blankets, bowls, baskets, and more.  We also offer a lifestyle newborn option in your home if you prefer.  To read more about that option, click here:  Spotlight Babies.

How do I pay for our sessions?

We just require a $200 deposit before or at your very first session with the balance due at the Reveal Appointment.  If other payment arrangements are needed, we are happy to discuss them with you.