Welcome to our new service by Spotlight Photography!  Don't you know someone you need to get a gift for and you just can't figure out quite the right gift?  Maybe it's a couple getting married try to pay for all that comes along with a wedding... someone who would love to have family portraits done but just can't quite do it right now.... someone with a new baby.  Why not bless them with a gift certificate to help them along the way.  These certificates can be applied to their session fees, prints and portraits, albums, anything at all, even future sessions!  They never expire.   

To purchase a gift certificate for someone, simply click here  http://www.myspotlightphotography.com/gifts, order the amount(s) you'd like, and you will receive an email confirmation upon purchase.  You will also receive in the mail a beautiful gift certificate to present to the lucky recipient. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Upon checking out, please put in the instructions who the recipients are.  If you order more than one certificate for the same person, you will receive one certificate for the total lump sum unless noted otherwise (i.e. if you order $100 and $50 for Jane and John Doe, you will receive ONE gift certificate for $150 unless instructed otherwise).

Thank you for sharing this priceless gift of photos with someone you love!