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FallFamilyPhotoLooks-06-768x666FallFamilyPhotoLooks-06-768x666 So you've scheduled family photos for fall, told them they all had to be there, lol, and now you have to figure out what everyone is wearing.  In days past, there were a lot of white shirts and black shirts but times are changing and ... 

today, it's all about individuality, comfort, and fun!

When a client asks me what to wear for their session, my advice is to:

1) Pick one outfit or piece of clothing you love.  Most often, it's Mom's favorite blouse or dress, and everyone in the family wears something that is a color from that in solids or prints. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and solids!  OR

2) Pick three colors you love together, say black/red/white as an example, and every person wear something in that color family, again, mixing solids and prints. 

There are so many beautiful color combinations and many of them are shown above and below just to give you some inspiration!  

Other tips:

~  Again, don't be afraid to mix solids and prints and patterns!  

~  Wear clothes that fit and aren't too baggy.

~  Jeans are never wrong!

~  I recommend 'fall' shoes over summer sandals and flip flops this time of year if possible.  Boots, sneakers, cute Converses, are great add-ons!  

~  Layers are a great and easy way to change up your photos.  Susie might wear a cute denim jacket for the family shots and take it off for the sibling shots!  Jackets, sweaters, vests, great additions! 

Avoid dresses and skirts that are too short or too tight to sit down in as we most often will do sit down poses on the grass.  With little girls, adding a cute pair of leggings or spandex shorts under a short dress are great additions!  

~ Avoid headbands and hats on children IF they are constantly taking them off.  They have to like them to wear them; otherwise, you'll spend a lot of your session putting them back on and fixing their hair.  

~  Avoid T-shirts and hats with logos and graphics unless it's for a specific shot or themed shoot.

~  Avoid shirts that constantly show bra straps.

~  Lastly, be comfortable.  None of you can have fun if you're wearing something that you're worried about the entire session.  Be you! 


Once outfits are chosen, relax!   In the end, it's not about the clothes, it's about the people in them.  You're making a memory and even bloopers are great!  Loosen up, have fun, laugh at the crazy stuff your kids do and say, kiss your husband, and be a little crazy yourself.  That may be one of the reasons they love you!

Images share are from, beautiful ideas!

FallFamilyPhotoLooks-03-768x666FallFamilyPhotoLooks-03-768x666 FallFamilyPhotoLooks-04 (1)FallFamilyPhotoLooks-04 (1) FallFamilyPhotoLooks-05-768x666FallFamilyPhotoLooks-05-768x666 FallFamilyPhotoLooks-06-768x666FallFamilyPhotoLooks-06-768x666


























2020 Fall Colors teal brown2020 Fall Colors teal brown

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Piper and Potter | Harry Potter Theme and Cutie Pie | Graham Newborn Photographer As many know who read my page, I was super excited to photograph little Piper in her Harry Potter themed nursery!  It was designed to a T by her Mom and Dad who are all things Potter.  Piper gave us the perfect sleep for the bookcase shots and then several of those gorgeous eyes of hers!  Here are a few favorites:

77577757 77687768 77827782 77867786 77947794 77987798 78107810 78177817 78447844 78497849 78507850 78547854 78597859 78627862 78837883 79287928 79547954 79827982 79897989 8001BW8001BW 80188018 80218021 80488048 80968096


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Then There Were Four! Graham, Mebane, Burlington Maternity and Family Photographer Hi, Jennifer here, one of Tracey's lead photographers at Spotlight.  Meeting the Nielsen family was the sunshine in my day.  Little Ava Grace and I talked about how my daughter's middle name was Grace too, about school, and how being a big sister would be. We instantly connected and before long Ava was twirling and giving me the smiles that could light the world. I enjoyed watching their family interact and could feel their happiness. That is always my goal to capture the true emotions of the families, couples, and children that I am honored to take portraits of. Here are a few of my favorites.  Meet the Nielsen family that will be welcoming a beautiful baby boy soon! 

Meet Ava Grace, she loves to twirl and giggle. She will be a big sister soon!  


I love seeing families being themselves, freezing these moments in time. They will be cherished always.

maternity_burlington_nc_photographermaternity_burlington_nc_photographer mom_daughter_portraits_burlington_ncmom_daughter_portraits_burlington_nc The beautiful foundation that Tyler and Shandra have created for their family is so evident. The love they share with each other is so special. 


Ahh and this one, the way Ava looks at her Mommy. 


A gorgeous Mom glowing. 


There are so many more beautiful images from this session it was hard to choose them. I will leave you with one of the last images I took that evening. The sun had set and Ava wanted to swing one more time. 


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Kyndall and Kameron are turning one! Where did time go? Mebane Child Photographer My little neighbors are turning one this month and I almost want to cry...  where did this past year go?!  And as much as I LOVE every child I photograph, I have to say I laughed out loud at these two and their expressions, never at the same time, and always just adorable.  I had a really hard time choosing favorites to share here so if you want to see their entire gallery (and there's a lot!), here is the link:  Twins are one!


65206520 64736473 65226522 64746474 65256525 65306530 64826482 65486548 64986498 65576557 65646564 65756575 65776577 65836583 65896589 65926592 66086608 66156615 66246624 66306630 66356635 66426642 66556655 66626662 66906690 66916691 66936693 67096709 67136713 67646764 67796779 67876787 68206820 68236823 68266826 68336833 68436843 68956895 69106910 69226922 69326932 69476947 69486948 69616961 69636963 69686968 70087008 70277027 70457045 70477047 70797079 70867086 70897089 70997099

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Kainzley is Six Months Old! | Newborn and Child Photographer, Mebane, Graham, Burlington, NC This little cutie pie came to my studio for the first time almost literally on a Harley, actually two!  She sat on a guitar, on both Harleys, in a pair of boots.... and now here we are six months later and she is cuter than ever!  Here are a few favorites from Kainzley's session!

46174617 46434643 46524652 46814681 47164716 47254725 47324732 47514751 47534753 47824782 48064806 48154815 48204820 48764876 48834883 49274927 49384938 49474947 49484948 49574957


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Will and Meredith... sunset in Elon | Elon Engagement Photographers These shots were taken by our lead wedding photographer, Jennifer, on Elon's campus just before sunset, which we both love!  Will and Meredith are so darn cute together and it's great seeing her so happy.  Meredith is like one of my own having gone through high school with my girls and it's going to be such a special day for her and for the young man who won her heart:)  Here are Meredith and Will's favorites from the session!  





16331633 16631663 16581658 16991699 15761576 15431543




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Carvell and Natasha, cuddly kind of love! Hillsborough NC Engagements We didn't think it was going to happen, we were pushing daylight, but we wanted to get just a few shots of these lovebirds who are getting married in September.  So glad we made it and the light was amazing and we got more than a few!  In fact, I had a really hard time deciding which images to share, it was just so much fun and so beautiful, just like them!  Here are a few favorites (well, a lot) but I can't help it!  To view them all, feel free to visit here:


43514351 43534353 43614361 43684368 43724372 43744374 43774377 43784378 43804380 43864386 43944394 43984398 44014401 44064406 44234423 44364436 44374437 44434443 44684468 45024502 45074507 45114511 45164516 45174517 45194519 45234523 45264526 45274527 45414541 45734573

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New Baby Eric, Five Weeks New! Newborn Photography Mebane Yes, it is customary to do newborn photos at a few days old, but little man Eric was a preemie.... a preemie who surprised everyone I do believe!  What a happy, healthy, and handsome boy with those gorgeous eyes and head full of hair!  We had a great time trying to capture little man who decided to wait and fall asleep at the very end of our session!  Here are just a few favorites!

39593959 39753975 39803980 40194019 40224022 40264026 40414041 40454045 40754075 41094109 41204120 41334133 41374137 41464146 41544154



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Sisters... girls of a feather! | Mebane and Burlington, NC Child Photographer It means so much to me when a family comes back to me over the years to capture them grow and change and celebrate!  This family came to me some time ago for a mini-session and I immediately became attached...  sort of one my personality traits, LOL.  I learned the story of their son, Rylee, who gained his wings in heaven a short time earlier, and I'm so sad I never got to meet him.  But they keep his memory alive through and with these girls and we incorporate him into a session on occasion too which I'm honored to do!  And Ashlynne, oh Ashlynne, capturing your free spirit with that wild and crazy giggle and hair just the same, and now Eliana, the baby sister whose expressions just make my day!  This session was to capture Eliana's six months and Ashlynne just jumped in and did her thing.  And then, they put on their matching shirts "Girls of a Feather", and it was awesome!  Here are a few favorites from their session.  

36103610 35893589 35803580

36253625 36193619 36283628 36303630 36493649 36593659 36603660 36633663 36643664 36713671 36823682 36893689 36903690 36933693 37123712 37453745 37483748 37673767 37403740

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Grant is One! North Carolina Child Photographer Many moons ago, I did one of my very first weddings at a church in Burlington and quite frankly, I was a newbie, eek.  Years go by and I get a call from the bride (yes, she still spoke to me, lol) that she wanted maternity photos and the rest is history!  We did maternity and this picture from that session speaks volumes about their journey to bring little man Grant into the world but boy, it was worth it!  


I've been blessed to shoot Grant through his first year of life and now he is one!  I can't wait to see this little guy continue to grow and bring his Mama and Daddy joy!

Here is a shot when Grant was a few days old and six months old:

7104BW7104BW 86028602

And here this little man is today!  Happy birthday Grant!  Just a few favorites!

33333333 33623362 33643364 34273427 34303430 34363436 34693469 35313531 35643564

This is how we started the session, better the beginning than the end, LOL.  

We thought he'd like heavy equipment for his session but ... we were wrong! 3321We started out thinking he'd like the heavy equipment.... we quickly learned he did NOT. LOL.


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Little Baby, What Will You Be? | Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Mebane, NC Several years ago, I met this gorgeous little soul named Esperanza.  We were shooting swim pictures at Dogwood in Mebane and she just stole my heart from that moment.  At some point after we met, a get a call from her Mom to do some family photos and from that time on, they've felt like family!  Mom, Lara, Esteban, and Esperanza are such a special trio and watching Esperanza grow over the last few years.... she is like an old soul full of music, mystery and spirit.

Well, times are changing, and a new baby is on the way!  Esperanza is cautiously excited.  Being the only baby for 9 years, this is quite an adjustment, but I have no doubt she's going to be an amazing rock star sister!  Lara just wanted a few shots of them while waiting on baby and we wanted to include Esperanza's guitar; that baby is coming out knowing her sister's music!  Here are a few favorites from our session.  

3191BW3191BW 32033203 32093209 3216BW3216BW 3226BW3226BW 32483248 32573257 32603260 3272BW3272BW 32863286 33033303

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Mikena... teeny, weeny Mikena | Newborn and Child Photographer, Burlington and Mebane, NC When my husband and I got engaged, the first person I called to be in the wedding was the grandmother (yes, grandmother) of this little girl.  Of course she was in her 20s at the time, LOL, so I'm telling our age, but we were dear friends then and have been ever since.  She went on to have three beautiful girls and now a handsome grandson and this little teeny girl, Mikena.  She was tiny but mightily strong and stayed awake almost the entire time just peeking around, observant and curious.  But we had fun and she and her dear Mama, Brittany, were troopers putting up with me!  Here are just a few favorites!

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Iva Rose.... as pretty as her name! | North Carolina Newborn Photographer Iva Rose...  the name itself is just awesome.  We had to wait a few extra days to get her into the studio because of a little sickness going around so when she arrived, she was bright eyed and bushy tailed, wide awake for every moment of her shoot!  She and her big brother, Rhett, who gave me a few really fast shots, LOL, were adorable just like their entire family. I just think they're the cutest!  Her expressions were priceless!

Here are a few favorites from their shoot!

20392039 20482048 20632063 20662066 20892089 21172117 21582158

20052005 20102010 20122012

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Easton is One! Burlington NC Child Photographer This was the year of the lumberjack, two on the same day!  When this little guy came in, it was almost hard to believe how much he's grown and changed since his rough few weeks in this world a year ago.  To see him so tall and strong and happy and healthy... what a blessing!  As much so as having captured him throughout this first year in this world, especially since I remember the day his Mama was born and his grandmother is one of my very dear friends:)  Here are a few favorites and you can see Easton's entire session here:  Easton is One

12161216 12301230 12591259

12851285 12931293 13171317 13251325 13311331 13501350 13531353 13611361 13831383 13881388 14451445 14791479



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Mebane and Burlington NC Child Photographer | Kolton turns one! I've had this family as a part of my Spotlight family, and I feel like my own family, for several years now capturing their first girl, Kennedy in 2014 and here she is:)  Still one of my favorite pictures ever!  



Kennedy and her entourage (which she always had with her) captured her in downtown Mebane, on the farm with her lemonade stand, we just always had fun following her around.  And then a year ago, they added little brother Kolton and here he is as a newborn. Him and his little bowtie:)  04290429



And now, here we are, and Kolton turned one!  Time slow down please!  Here are a few favorite shots from Kolton's session for her birthday, him and his new bowtie:)  And had to get a few of Miss Kennedy too!












07190719 07270727 07540754 07640764 07800780 07820782 07850785 08020802 08110811 08220822 08240824 08260826 09440944 09910991 10111011 10601060 10861086 11281128 11881188 11691169 12051205


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Mebane Newborn Photography... Sawyer Grace 2017 has been full of new babies and I love it!  This one was a little different for me in that Sawyer's mom is like one of my own.  She and my daughter, Cassie, met in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since.  To see Nicole with Sawyer felt a little surreal but it was clear she'd transformed into a grown young woman, but more importantly, an amazing mother.  To see Nicole's awe that this is her child was a beautiful thing.  Isn't it amazing how God prepares us for something we weren't sure we could ever do?  So thankful to have been able to have captured this girl's first photos!

To start off, Sawyer with her grandfather's bible... love, love, love.  And then a few other favorites.  

05270527 05280528 05170517 05640564 05760576 05980598 06160616 06290629 06460646 06650665


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The long awaited Viviana Grace! {Burlington NC Newborn Photography} To say I love this couple is just, well, an understatement.  When I met them just a few years ago, they were getting married, Walter was my UPS man (and I had no idea), and Kim was besties with one of my most favorite friends, Kenny.  It all just fit and I felt I'd known them forever.  Their wedding was, well, over the top... I mean, yes, over the top!  Here is one of my favorite images from that day!

Bonk-8590Bonk-8590 So anyway, fast forward a few really quick years and I was asked to photograph the birth of their baby.  I was ecstatic and as time drew near, I would wake up every hour scared to death I'd missed their call especially after she was finally admitted to the hospital!  Then they get to the hospital and almost three days later.... well, anyway, my being there never got to happen, but a few days later, I was blessed to meet Miss Viviana Grace and capture a few shots I hope they'll treasure forever.  I must saying watching the three of them together just literally warmed my spirit.

I love you Kim, Walter and Vivi G and it means so much to me to capture your story along the way...  

01830183 02020202











02090209 02280228











02490249 03500350





































03800380 04510451












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T.J. is here! {Mebane NC Newborn Photography} It was so hard to believe I was taking pictures of this little guy having watched his mother grow up since middle school!  But he came in and I fell in love!  He had a little football newborn outfit that the little muscle man (and chubby rolls) would barely fit in but it was too cute not to do it!  But once he got settled in the groove, he was good to go and here are a few favorites from our session!  The entire session can be seen here:  

93919391 94599459












[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Children Portraits newborns Sun, 22 Jan 2017 03:18:03 GMT
Raegan Grace is One! {Mebane NC Child and Family Photography} This little family came into our life a little over a year ago when they were expecting their first baby, Raegan Grace.  They immediately felt like family and in January of last year, we welcomed Raegan with her first little shoot!  Here she is....  and below that, the celebration a year later as this special little girl turns one!  Here she is one year ago with her Mama's veil and we got her this time too (see below!).
























And now, one year later!  There are so many favorites, these are just a few!  To see all of Raegan's first birthday session, click here:  Raegan is one!

86528652 86628662










































86818681 87038703

















87148714 87328732







































88038803 88218821





























































89128912 88968896












89268926 89518951


















89808980 89948994

90419041 90429042

90879087 91119111

91389138 91589158 91449144


91719171 92579257 91969196

93239323          93419341

93099309 93809380



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And Christopher makes two! {Raleigh, NC Newborn Photographer} Two years ago, I got a call to come take newphotos of a very tiny little baby.  She'd had a rough start to her journey in this world but was home and ready for her first photo shoot.... and she was so perfect!  

Here she is...    95449544


And now here we are, two years later....


Here are a few of my favorite shots from Katelyn's two year photos and her new brother's first session, little man Christopher!  

What a special family to me! 



83468346 8354BW8354BW
























































8381BW8381BW 8398BW8398BW



84458445 84578457









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Beautiful Aubrey... {Mebane, NC Newborn Photographer} This little "supposed to be Christmas baby" decided to make her debut instead in 2017 starting the new year off right for this dear family who has become so special to me!  I was blessed to get to photograph their little man Ryan and now to see him with his new baby sister is amazing (and hilarious... and fast.... and just fun!).  So glad to be able to do these in our little studio and thankful for this family!  Here are just a few favorites (and outtakes, LOL):

80448044 80668066 80728072 80928092 80978097 8102BW8102BW 81378137 81408140 81668166 81528152 8223BW8223BW 8231BW8231BW 82568256 8276BW8276BW 8282BW8282BW 8296BW8296BW 8304BW8304BW 83178317 83218321 83298329


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Wake has arrived and oh my goodness... {Mebane, NC Newborn and Family Photography} Little Wake was my second baby of the year, just a few days old when he came to the studio.  I get childishly excited when I know I have a baby coming to the studio and during and after the session looks like a tornado went through as we have fun going through bowls and baskets and wraps and blankets and I love every minute!

Wake, whose name I absolutely adore, is just perfectly handsome, but with Bishop and Josh as parents, everyone says he had no choice!  They are just the most beautiful, sweetest little family.  I remember when I heard Bishop was born (I'm telling my age!) and just LOVING her name and now here I am photographing her baby boy!  What an honor!  

Here are just a few of my favorites from time with little Wake!

78487848 78537853 78587858 78717871 78827882 78847884 78927892 78947894 79017901 79307930 79497949 79647964 79797979 80148014 80238023 80288028

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Oh those blue eyes.... Grant is four months old! {Mebane and Burlington, NC Child Photography} A great way to start the year being in the studio with this little blue eyed cutie on January 2nd!  Meet Grant who just turned four months old, the newest member to the Martin family I've loved for years!  And my latest boyfriend ... right up there with brother Noah:) 

And I must confess, I always feel that shooting at this stage between newborn and sitting up can be tough!  Let's face it, a baby can't sit up, can't crawl, can't do a lot of anything, LOL, except teething and eating their fist, BUT, Grant reminded me it can be simply fun, adorable, and his expressions and hand gestures made my day!  I had to keep them all!   76897689 76947694 77017701 77037703 77087708 77107710 77147714 77177717 77227722 77347734 77297729 77357735 77397739 77447744 77457745 77467746 77517751 77717771 77847784 77857785 77907790 77947794 77957795

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Now booking our most popular Mini-Sessions! Fall2015MinisFall2015Minis


The holidays are coming quickly... whether we're ready or not!  It’s time to schedule our most popular session of the year before it's too late!  These mini-sessions are a great way to get a LOT of amazing shots of your family, just the kids, and even your pets, as they are now (and they're short enough to keep babies and husbands and puppies happy, LOL!).  You can use the portraits for your home, holiday gifts, and get them in plenty of time for cards!

Spaces are limited and sell out quickly so contact us today at [email protected] to secure your preferred time slot!  Upon booking, you will receive an email with more details as far as clothing suggestions, etc...And this year, we're doing things a little different.  Because we get SO MANY shots during your session, we're offering AMAZING ONCE A YEAR specials on prints and digitals and will do a personalized appointment with you (approximately two weeks after the session) to help you with your order, share our specials, and get everything you need in time for the holidays!


Pets allowed at no additional charge!

Session fee due at time of booking (non-refundable).   

Mini-session fee is for up to 6 people, $10 each additional person.  

In the event of inclement weather, sessions will be rescheduled and your session fee will transfer.  Should you not be available for rain date, you may apply your session fee towards a regular session in 2016 or save it for another mini-session! 

These are “generic” sessions, not Christmas themed, so you can display them all year!  BUT you are welcome to wear Christmas/holiday attire if you’d like, and we’ll have some Christmas props on the side if you’d like to get a few prop shots! 

You may change clothes during the session, just bring something easy to change into, as you only have the 20 minutes to work with!




10:00  Taken



11:30  Taken

12:00  Taken











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Giovanni, the little man who stole my heart! Alamance County Photographer I knew I was going to love having a studio and nervous and scared as I have been, a little guy like this comes through the door and OH is it worth it!  Mr. Giovanni everyone, just born less than four months ago, better known as Gio.  The girls are in is his Mama:) Here are just a few favorites from our fun session which can be seen on the website under Portraits, Children:

Gio-0003Gio-0003 Gio-0005Gio-0005 Gio-0034Gio-0034 Gio-0043Gio-0043 Gio-0060Gio-0060 Gio-0072Gio-0072 Gio-0074Gio-0074 Gio-0103Gio-0103

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Children Portraits Sat, 08 Feb 2014 21:18:33 GMT
Scottish Sweetness.... Magnolia Claire I still love this girl's name, Magnolia Claire, the southern belle.  Her scottish ancestors would be proud!  She is so darn cute and sweet and now is six months old.  I just photographed her as a newborn... a month ago, right?!  Oh Miss Maggie, I cannot wait to capture you on your first birthday in just a very short time.  The eyes, oh, the eyes.  Here are a few favorites....

MC-9752MC-9752 MC-9760MC-9760 MC-9764MC-9764 MC-9774MC-9774 MC-9782MC-9782 MC-9809MC-9809 MC-9820MC-9820 MC-9824MC-9824 MC-9831MC-9831 MC-9843MC-9843 MC-9854MC-9854 MC-9860MC-9860 MC-9884MC-9884 MC-9882MC-9882 MC-9898MC-9898

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Children Portraits newborns Sat, 08 Feb 2014 21:02:19 GMT
Beau and Gracyn I had the joy of photographing this sweet boy and his gorgeous sister when Beau was born last summer and to get to photograph them for Valentine's Day warmed my heart.  I just love them and it means so much to get to photograph them as they grow...  

Lee-9908Lee-9908 Lee-9919Lee-9919 Lee-9926Lee-9926 Lee-9934Lee-9934 Lee-9940Lee-9940 Lee-9945Lee-9945 Lee-9963Lee-9963 Lee-9972Lee-9972 Lee-9979Lee-9979 Lee-9977Lee-9977

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Valentines Sat, 08 Feb 2014 20:55:22 GMT
The Russell Girls I remember going through school and when there were sisters or brothers in a family, it would be "The Cobb Girls" or the "Everett Brothers" and it always reminded me of a singing group and I loved it!  And I love shooting siblings that I know are going to be referred to the same way.  And here are the Russell Girls.  These are my little cousins, Madison and McKinley, whom I've been shooting for as long as they've been on this earth I guess.  I treasure every moment I get with them, watching Madison grow up (and hearing her Mom talk about Madison's love interests:) and then trying to get McKinley to talk to me.  She stares deep into my soul but not much comes out verbally yet, LOL.  Before you know it, I'll be shooting them going to the prom....  eek.

Russell-9323Russell-9323 Russell-9325Russell-9325 Russell-9332Russell-9332 Russell-9351Russell-9351 Russell-9358Russell-9358 Russell-9362Russell-9362 Russell-9379Russell-9379  

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Mini-Sessions Valentines Sat, 08 Feb 2014 13:02:55 GMT
Spotlight on Donavynne and her first birthday! Oh what a way to start out 2014!  This little sweetheart, Donavynne (love the name!), won my heart within moments of meeting her. She is like a little Precious Moments doll for those who remember those.  And when her parents told me the difficult time they had having her, both for Mom and for Donavynne, it just makes you love the little fighter in her even more.  This family is just special in so many ways and being able to capture little Donavynne's first birthday portraits means so much to me!  Here are just a few of my favorite shots of her!

Donavynne-9606Donavynne-9606 Donavynne-9633Donavynne-9633 Donavynne-9651Donavynne-9651 Donavynne-9680Donavynne-9680 Donavynne-9690Donavynne-9690 Donavynne-9738Donavynne-9738

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Children Portraits Wed, 08 Jan 2014 16:14:18 GMT
Avoidable regrets.... This post is personal to me because I take what I do very personal.  I had several friends with children who got married this year and around Christmas time, I ran into two of those dear friends.  I had not done their weddings which happens for various reasons, either unavailability, my not knowing the bride who often chooses the photographer, cost, or maybe I'm not person for them and that's okay!  I do not expect to do every wedding for everyone I know but I do expect and hope the best for them from whom they choose. 

Both of my friends' stories were eerily similar and both heartbreaking.  Both Moms had dreams of their child's wedding only to come away with moments not captured on film.  Both Moms planned to enjoy the day with their children but both Moms had to serve roles and work in getting the photographers to capture certain things, to ask them to do this or that, to be here or there, and still there were things missed or not done well.  One Mom said there were details from the day she heard about from several people after the wedding but she never got to see them and there were no photos.  One Mom saw the photographer capturing certain details or certain people but those images weren't in the final product and no one knows what happened to them.  One of the Moms said a photographer showed up almost two hours earlier than planned and some of the family members weren't there for photos and didn't get in any family shots.  The list goes on.  

You know, as horrific as it would be, if someone screws up your senior photos or even your newborn or family portraits, they could possibly be redone as there are small windows of time.  But if someone screws up your wedding images, well, I don't have to say it.  I already knew this, as you do, but to relive it through the eyes and hearts of these two mothers and friends was a heartfelt reminder. 

When I hear a couple say, "We've got a friend/relative, or friend of a friend, who's going to shoot the wedding for us as a gift or really cheap," I always pause, pray and sigh. I've heard more sad stories this year than ever about this very thing, so many regrets, but with the age of digital, it's happening more and more.  People think those with "fancy" cameras should be able to do the job.  

I know weddings can be unbelievably expensive and Lord knows, I wonder how I'm going to pay for my own daughters' weddings, but I do know one thing without question.  We'll hire an amazing photographer, even if I have to bake the cake and grow the flowers, because I know of all the vendors, that will be the one whose product will outlive all of us.  Inexperienced or hobbyist photographers may save you money and can sometimes get a few great shots but it takes experience, talent, and professionalism to know how to foresee and capture the shots that will take your breath away, to show you images when it's all over that you never got to see.  As we married people know, the day is a blur, so sometimes the photographs tell your story better than you remember it!  

Quality is obviously critical; does your photographer consistently produce quality images?  Ask to see them. You should love them when you do!  In addition to quality, the right photographer needs the experience and personality to almost take on a Director's role during the day as some couples can't afford an event planner (which I highly recommend).  Does your photographer know how to do this?  I often find myself needing to tell the wedding party where to be when, helping the couple with such things as heading down the aisle, how to cut the cake, where/how/when to do the garter and bouquet, planning their exit, and so on, and I love it all!  I very often have couples and parents thank me for doing this!  The right photographer just has to be prepared and able to step into this role or it will fall on someone else and sadly, it's usually the mother of the bride or groom.

Very importantly, you should click with your photographer and become friends; does your photographer "set right" with you, do you feel at ease with them?  Your photographer should ask what you want from your big day and not just show up.  The right photographer will provide you with options and flexible packages that fit your needs and not the generic bride.  You are not generic!  Your photographer should make sure you look amazing all day if possible and yet be discrete and blended into the background; ask them about how they work, ask them for references.  Your photographer should have the gear needed to do the job and do it right, they should commonly have second shooters (I don't know how people do it without one), and they should have a backup plan in the event of an emergency like sickness, death in the family, and so on.  Ask them about their second shooters, about their backup plan!  

And last but NOT least, after your wedding, the right and experienced photographer will be hard at work on your images, organizing and editing your images to make them look phenomenal (and know how to do that!), backing them up so they're not lost, and then presenting them to you in a timely manner... oh my gosh, did I say timely manner?  Yes!  Ask when you'll get your images!  That's all I'm going to say about that except it breaks my heart and shocks me to hear couples waiting months for their images.... why?!  

I am not perfect but you all know that.  I learn something new at every wedding I do.  I still get butterflies before each one and worry my second shooters to death:) but I never want to feel that I know it all and I won't.  Most importantly, I know without a doubt I am not the photographer for everyone whether it be because of price or style or just me and I'm okay with that!  But for those of you choosing your photographer, no matter what it's for, I just implore you to analyze carefully where you will invest your money and choose wisely.  Don't just price-shop....quality-shop, experience-shop.  I've not talked a lot about the price but as cliche as it is, you do get what you pay for. Remind yourself that long after the other things from your day are gone, some of which are gone before the end of the day, the photographs will be held in your hands and the hands of your children and grandchildren for generations to come, and moments not captured can't be recaptured.  

I'll end on this (aren't you glad:).  This week, I talked to a new client who told me that when she got married 10 years ago, they based their entire wedding day around the availability of this particular photographer they wanted.  They saved and paid that photographer a pretty penny for their wedding even 10 years ago but she said it was the most important thing about their day and they chose to invest the biggest part of their budget into their pictures.  They've never, ever regretted it.  Don't open a door for regrets that can be avoided.     


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Weddings Sun, 05 Jan 2014 14:51:00 GMT
God is raising the roof... not just opening doors! A few years ago, a friend and I started Spotlight Photography to just do team photos around our community. There weren't many team photographers around and the ones that were out there charged outrageous prices.  We both had children playing every sport so we knew what we wanted and what we were willing to pay.  We soon got a few teams, which grew over time, and we learned and practiced and practiced and learned, and as they say, the rest is history.

My partner and I did go our separate ways, as friends, and I kept Spotlight Photography.  Eventually, other work came in like weddings (eek!), families, and more, and the business grew to a point that a couple of years ago, I separated the sports and started Spotlight on Sports devoted solely to team photos and sports specialty products.  I am humbled to say we've grown (through a few hard knocks) to work with teams all over Alamance County and a team of now six photographers and one coordinator who manages the scheduling for all the teams/photographers, editing and ordering all team orders, communications with all the team managers and coaches, and delivering of top quality products to all of them in a two week turnaround (she's super-woman Tami Zubler!).  It would not be possible without her and the photographers who are now on board... Angie Newton, Beth Everhart, Brandy Fleming, Shannon St. Pierre, Stephanie Brown, and Jennifer Wolfe.  And you know what I love?  All the photographers are women who have worked with or had children for years, been around sports and children playing sports, so they know those twisted shorts and shirttails hanging out are not okay and they care and they know how to have fun doing it!  

My photography life outside of sports continues to grow beyond anything I could have envisioned in my wildest dreams.  God is moving and shaking and causing me to do the same!  I have to take a step back daily as the phone rings and thank Him and yes, wonder why, but just trust and know that it's all good and in His timing and that yes, it can all end tomorrow if that's part of the master plan.  But while I am blessed, I hope to bless others through the love and images that I can provide.  

I still shake my head to realize my wedding calendar grew from just 8 weddings in 2012 to 20 weddings in 2013 and my portrait calendar is almost full for months to come.  I shake my head as I type.... All of this abundance of work caused me to make some tough decisions but ones that I am so excited about that I can't sleep!  I think these decisions will take Spotlight to the next level for me personally and for my family but also for my clients!!  So far it's all been a wing and a prayer and now it's taken on substance and a life of its own!  

I am so excited to now have Marcia Culler, who was already a dear friend, as my new Photography Coordinator.  Marcia has always encouraged me and been a big cheerleader in my corner and now she'll be taking on some of the details that take away from the shooting and working on images which is desperately calling my name.  Marcia will be implementing new systems that have been needed for so long, sending awesome information to new and old clients, working with session fees and money, helping clients with their final images and how to best invest their money in those images, just everything detail and most importantly, everything to make our clients' experiences personal and beyond amazing.

And the last big decision (for now) is in an area that's near and dear to me but a struggle.  I love designing personalized albums for my couples and even for families, seniors, and new parents.  However, they do take a substantial amount of time to design as each one is different and special to me, and with the growth of the calendar, there aren't enough hours in the day to do them the way I want them done and turn them around to clients as quickly as I'd like.  This meant finding help in this area, tough to do and tough to admit, but I did!  Divine intervention perhaps but my path crossed with another old friend, Beth Hildebrand, who designs amazing albums for people, and who does them more beautifully than I could have hoped for! She was praying for this very type of thing to come along and there I was... there she was... and again, the rest is history.  Beth will be our new Album Designer and working on albums with input from me and the families or couples for whom we are doing them and I guarantee each one will walk away with a masterpiece that is a masterpiece, uniquely their own.   

So there you go.... doors opening, windows flying up, and the roof shaking as it gets higher.  I am blessed, I am blessed, and humbled by all of the amazing people who love me, support me, and believe in me.  Thank you is such a small phrase for such a big blessing you are!

So, got photos?  I've got camera in hand ready to go!  

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) About Me Sun, 14 Jul 2013 15:30:53 GMT
Gary and the "Lyman" Sounds like a rock band!  And Gary can certainly make you feel like you've been rocking it out with his cool look.  These brothers are so adorable.  I took Lyman's photos when he was just a teeny baby (see below) and now here we are celebrating his first birthday.  Even his toes got in on the cake action!  These boys get more handsome every day and it's understandable if you know their gorgeous Mom Sandi.  What a great Mom and you can tell she adores these little men in her life.  Happy birthday Lyman and keep rocking it Gary!  Here's a few photos from their session... you can view them all at

Lyman-5396 Pitts-1664 Pitts-1614 Pitts-1623 Pitts-1700 Pitts-1751 Pitts-1757 Pitts-1782 Pitts-1786


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Birthdays Children Portraits Thu, 21 Mar 2013 14:22:27 GMT
Taking Mom to Daycare This morning I heard on the news that studies are showing that trouble sleeping and taking frequent naps may be signs that you will develop Alzheimers later in life.  Oh me.  Just what I needed, another reason to not sleep very well thus leading to more naps.  There's something wrong with that cycle.  I'm already so paranoid about getting it or having it and doing what Mom is doing.  Geez.  

But anyway...

Our whole lives we hear that when we get older, our parents become like our children and we reverse roles.  Every time I take mom to what I call "dementia daycare" I am reminded how true that is.  I went to pick her up to take her yesterday and as has become the norm with anyone but Daddy, she was quite resistant about going with me.  Oh, I know not to take it personal - it's one of the many things you learn through this process.  I know she has no clue where she's going and can't remember she was there yesterday or last week or the week before that.  It's just Daddy.  It doesn't matter what is going on, Mama wants to be with Daddy every second of every day.  He is her security blanket.  But regardless, we were able to coax her into the car and off she and I went.  

The entire ride to dementia daycare is the same each time.  "Where is your Daddy going?"... "Does your Daddy know I'm with you?"... "I can't find my lipstick" (although I've bought her a dozen tubes:)..."I don't understand why we're doing this."...  "Where are we going?"..."Where's my lipstick?".. "What are we doing?" ... "I'm so proud to have you for a daughter" .. "You need on some lipstick" and the list of commonalities goes on.  I always try to remember the Hospice suggestion of one or two word responses so there's a lot of yeps and nopes in our conversation but it works.  

Then we arrive at dementia daycare, the Harbor at Twin Lakes, an amazing place, and I am each time reminded of taking Chase to his first daycare experience at about 2 years old.  I coax her out of the car and in the door by telling her whatever I have to tell her (I still feel guilty at all the little white lies you have to tell your parent during this phase) but you do what you have to do.  She never remembers having been there before.  Then we get in and the wonderful ladies (just like Chase's wonderful teachers years ago) coax her on in the door, get her distracted, while I sneak out the door..... all the while listening to her through the door asking where I am or where Daddy is and they're coaxing her over to have a cup of coffee or read the paper (like coaxing Chase to play with his toys).  

And much like taking Chase to daycare, the picking up part is the fun part.  She is so excited to see you and acts like she can't believe you knew where she was.  Oh yes, Mama, we know where you are, we are reminded hour by hour.  We won't forget.  Love you Mama.

Mom and Dad in the fall of 2010.  



[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Like the leaves..dementia Tue, 12 Mar 2013 15:00:51 GMT
Beautiful Alyson... Mrs. Jacob Flint! It brings me such joy to be asked to photograph a young person whose parents I went to school with.  Lisa (Brigman) Wallace and Bill Wallace's daughter, Alyson, was getting married and we were able to get in bridal portraits just a couple of weeks before the wedding.  The weather was doubtful, which is always a concern this time of year, but it turned out to be the perfect afternoon (much like their wedding day!).  We only had a brief time together which I think worked to our advantage - we were able to capture some amazing shots of this sweetheart of a young woman.  So excited for her future, for her Mom and Dad, and their family, to share in this time.  It's special in more ways than anyone can imagine who doesn't know them....  best wishes to all....  To see all of Alyson's session, you can visit  Here are few favorites!

Flint-1024 Flint-1038 Flint-1055 Flint-1099

In her Daddy's boots:)  Love it!



[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Weddings Tue, 12 Mar 2013 14:02:10 GMT
Like the leaves... I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I just am if for no one but me.  I spend many hours a day now thinking about my Mom's dementia, my Daddy and his health, how this disease affects our entire family.  And every day I am reminded by some sweet soul that they've been there, that they're going through it too, that they understand.  And those words soothe my spirit so thank you to those who reach out.  It's like a community of those going through it together.  

Dementia is a baffling, frustrating disease.  Watching it evolve reminds me of the seasons, memories being the leaves on a tree.  In the spring and summer of our life, our memories are colorful, full, healthy, vibrant and growing.  And even after a few "winters," it bounces back... we've all had those times, right?  But the fall comes and the leaves change much like my mother's mind.  The colors are beautiful at first but they eventually start to fade.  Each leaf, each memory, hangs on by a thread, hoping to live a little longer, but eventually having to let go by no choice of anyone.  They drift away on the wind until they eventually come to rest somewhere else and dissolve away... much like my mother's memory.

At this stage, all we can do as a family is nurture, love, support, and hang on to each other.  We're deep into the fall and the leaves fall so much faster than they did just a few months ago.  We don't know when there will be none left but we face the inevitable.... together and with God's hand on all of us.  

My brother reminded me of this old photo of Mom and Dad from around 1960 (WAY before I existed:) when he saw the one from Christmas 2012.  Times change.... Love you Mama and Daddy...  and we'll get through the fall together.  

pd_0005-11(rev 0) 4713

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Like the leaves..dementia My corner of the world Fri, 08 Mar 2013 17:56:55 GMT
Zach and Anna... Engagement Session! When Anna first contacted me about shooting her wedding, and I realized who she was marrying, I felt a warmth in my heart and had a smile on my face!  Her knight in shining armor is the son of two people I went to high school with, two great people, Vanessa and Scott Brady, who just can't be old enough to have a son getting married (thus meaning I'm not either:).  But it was true and I was ecstatic!  Then, when I met Anna in person, it was one of those things that's hard to explain but you just know.  We had some incredible things in common... things that Someone pretty high up had to know meant our paths had to cross.  We lost track of time and we talked and talked.... and I knew I was supposed to be right there.  Thank you Someone!  So off we went to get engagements done for these love birds and it was a cold, cold day that morning but ended up being absolutely beautiful, couldn't have been designed more perfectly.  I hope you'll enjoy their photos and more to come as we do her bridals and wedding in August!  Best wishes, Zach and Anna, and thank you for bringing me into your wonderful adventure!   Here are our favorites from their session....  

Brady-7304 Brady-7372 Brady-7397 Brady-7416 Brady-7448 Brady-7478 Brady-7499 Brady-7510 Brady-7514 Brady-7534 Brady-7556 Brady-7566

Brady-7255 Brady-7332 Brady-7354 Brady-7413 Brady-7424 Brady-7506 Brady-7307 Brady-7543A Brady-7526

[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Engagement Sessions Weddings Fri, 08 Mar 2013 15:40:15 GMT
Adorable Abigaile... Headshots, Portfolio, Future Star! Oh Abby... This little girl (and I call anyone who can be my daughter, almost granddaughter, that!) is the cutest darn thing!  She's got an agent and is going out to conquer the world in theater and she has the look for it.  She just needed a few head shots to show the world.  We walked around downtown focusing on that and she looked amazing.  Her eyes are like the ocean and yes, they're all hers!  And one of the best things about this shoot was her sweet Daddy arranging the entire thing, walking around with us holding Abby's stuff, doing whatever he can because he believes in his baby girl. That's what it is all about.  


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Headshots Portfolios Young Adults Thu, 21 Feb 2013 15:48:11 GMT
Love the Hiltbolds! A few years ago, when we first started Spotlight Photography, the first "big" wedding we were asked to do was for an adorable little couple named Kelin and Matt.  It was at a little country church, that sweet church family, grandparents you wanted to take home, it was just a beautiful day and family to work with.  Were we nervous, yes!  But it was wonderful and I think we did a pretty good job!  

Move the clocks forward a few short years and they ask me to come do family portraits of them and their amazing Ayden... 18 months old and cute as a button.  I went back out to the country and that sweet little (and handsome!) couple still exists in their little world out there in the country and now they've added this awesome little man.  It's a beautiful thing to see them grow and remember what that was like.  

Thank you to Kelin and Matt and Ayden for sharing their afternoon with me.  I look forward to doing so many more times in the years to come!

To see all of Matt and Kelin's family photos, visit their gallery under Portraits, Family, Hiltbold (  

Hiltbold-5451 Hiltbold-5883



[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Family Portraits Mon, 21 Jan 2013 11:12:02 GMT
Wah, wah, wah... B20Q1405 I meant to do this January 1st.... but better late than never!  I just didn't want you to think I disappeared. The last post I made was in September and then life went haywire!  There were awesome portrait sessions, weddings, bridals, daycares, engagements for about 45 days in a row!  Incredible to look back now and know I survived because while I loved it all, I don't know how I did it.   BUT I am thankful for each and every person in each and every photograph I took.  

I learned a lot of things this past fall, however, primarily that life is short.  No, REEEALLLY?!  I just have to be reminded occasionally.  I realized by taking on more than I should have what I was doing first and foremost to my family.  I have never missed my children's ballgames and events and this past fall, I missed every single one of my son's baseball games... it makes me cry to think about what I missed, not one photo.  Yes, there will be more games, but no, that season won't come back.  My little boy turned 14 in November and whew... another reminder that life is short.  And with my family, my mother's dementia is taking her away from us quickly and my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's is doing the same... another reminder that this time won't come back.  

I also learned I was affecting my own health and peace of mind... I could not sleep, my brain would not turn off!  I think I added a few thousand gray hairs and I doubt I was very much fun to live with (hush, Dave). 

And very, very important to me, I realized I was affecting you, my clients.  Some of you waited four times as long as you should for proofs which tore me up!  I physically and literally had to cut sessions shorter meaning I didn't get those last few great shots I love to get.... I had to do the editing a little faster...  I was quite simply not giving each client the personalized attention I normally give, that makes me who I am, and which they deserve, and that broke my heart.  I learned my time and the time I give each client is valuable and important.  I learned things may have to be different in 2013.  

And lastly, I learned there are things that don't feel so hot about being known as the "cheap" photographer.  I don't charge what I should, not because I want to undercut the competition - there are SOOOOO many amazing photographers in our area - I'm just a tender heart.  And you know you're not charging enough when your own clients look at you as they pay you and say "You're not charging enough!".  We all live and learn.  But I just pray referrals will be to me, and clients will come to me, because they love my work, my vision, what I do, and not because I'm "cheap".... not something anyone wants to hear when they love what they do.  

This year, I resolve to overindulge my clients, my family, and maybe myself once in a while.  Yes, I will take on all the work I can, I will ask for work that works well with my life and helps my clients, all because I LOVE what I do, but I will have boundaries that allow me to breathe, turn off my brain, relax with my family more than once a month:), and to devote the personalized attention I treasure for each client and each photograph so they get the end result that they deserve and I complete their work knowing I did my absolute best. 

I love you all and have some of the most amazing friends and supporters and family any one human can ask for.  God is good... all the time.    


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) About Me Mon, 21 Jan 2013 10:23:05 GMT
Time goes too fast!  

So this shoot was a little different…  Garrett is a senior at Fuquay-Varina High School and is going to NCSU to play baseball next year.  Plus he’s adorable… I mean handsome.   And I had a great time shooting him and his entire family.  But what makes me a little extra sentimental about this one is Garrett’s Dad, Ty, used to play baseball for my husband at Athens Drive High School (telling my hubbie’s age) and he and his wife, Denise, have both been friends of ours forever.  I have photos of them catching the garter and bouquet at our wedding 22 years ago and we did know they would get married, they were sweethearts!  And over the years, we’d always get their adorable Christmas cards of little Garrett and sister, Kelley, growing up, snaggle teeth and all.  Now… he’s graduating.  Tissue time! 



[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Senior Portraits Sat, 29 Sep 2012 02:18:45 GMT
Colten, Colten, Dalton, no Colten! All I can say is wow... what a gorgeous family.  Jennifer, Richie, Colten & Caleb Robertson are some of the nicest people and yes, they're gorgeous on the outside, but they're as wonderful on the inside.  I had a lot of fun walking around taking shots of them and Colten (whom I suddenly started calling Dalton at the end of the shoot!) and Caleb a/k/a Monkey by me.  They were such troopers both in the water, barefoot, wherever we happened to be!  Thank you, beautiful and blessed Robertson family, for allowing me to capture a few special moments for you all and I look forward to many more!  



[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Family Portraits Thu, 27 Sep 2012 21:49:33 GMT
Devil in Red.... Red Devil Danny, Class of 2013 I met Danny’s mom, Sue, years ago when we scrapbooked together and she's become such a great friend over the years.  I have watched Danny grow up into such a handsome and kind young man way too fast and it was an honor and joy for me to get to take his senior photos.  Dad Cris, Sue, and brother Vance, came along for the shoot and we got a few of them together as well.  And how appropriate to get some of them at the field where they've spent countless hours these past few years watching their boy, cheering him on, and hanging on to those moments when their baby is growing up.  Congratulations to Danny Routh, Class of 2013, and I wish him only the best as he heads off to school somewhere wonderful and walks onto a new field. 


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Senior Portraits Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:58:35 GMT
A Family Affair! Hannah Saunders, Eastern Randolph Class of 2013 I've never done a shoot where I was invited to sit on the porch and have a cup of coffe first or where the grandmothers, grandfather, and daddy were with us moving tractors, moving bales of hay, wiping off bull poop (LOL!), driving Gators, watching clothes get hung on the line (those were the days!).... but it ALL happened last weekend when doing the shoot of the prettiest lil' chick, Hannah Saunders.  Hannah will be graduating from Eastern Randolph this school year and plans to go into nursing at ECU.  She asked if we could possibly do her portraits at her grandparents farm in Ramseur and I was sitting on G waiting on O!  I was so excited as I drove through the gorgeous countryside and came up on their home with the most inviting and beautiful front porch - I would dare Southern Living to top it in any issue!  They had me drink a cup of coffee on that big ol' porch, which I gladly did, and then we were off to the old fences, barns, hay, tractors, field of wildflowers, corn, soy beans (the tallest I've ever seen!) and the family was with us for a lot of the morning.  I drove home feeling as if I'd known them all my whole life and I believe I've made some new friends.  Hannah is a cutie pie, sweet, loved, loveable, and is going to do amazing things in her life.  How can you not when you are surrounded by love like that!  i hope you'll take a moment and view her gallery in the slideshow below.  It can also be found at  Thanks for stopping by!


[email protected] (Spotlight Photography) Senior Portraits Tue, 18 Sep 2012 19:11:15 GMT
Beauty and Bubblicious! Gregory Wedding in Mebane Gregory-2016 It was such a joy to be a part of the wedding of Kristi Lashley and Steven "Bubblicious" or "Bubba" Gregory!  Kristi and Steven were a lot of fun and they, along with their families and friends, were so gracious and made the day very special for all of us there.  It didn't feel like work with this bunch!  They are obviously loved by so many.  And apparently, Kristi already called Steven Bubba but somehow:) he decided to dub himself Bubblicious.  Well, I decided we had to do a shot with some bubble gum and bubbles so we did try and had fun doing it!  I went around to numerous guests and gathered up all the gum anyone would give me and gave it to the bridesmaids who chewed and chewed... oh, and chewed.  They tried their darndest to blow some bubbles but it just was not completely possible and they got so tickled trying.  Several of the photos are of them giving them a whole hearted effort. 

But truly, thank you to the Lashley and Gregory families and all their wedding party and friends for allowing us to be a part of the day and capture some pretty cool memories.  Please be sure to visit their entire gallery at and if you like an image, feel free to click the "Like" button underneath.  I appreciate it!! 


Gregory-1974 Gregory-2021

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The Martin Twins! Twin Senior Portraits, Mebane  

Ashley and Phillip Martin know everyone and I think everyone knows them.  Their parents are Eastern Alamance Eagles high school sweethearts from Mebane and their adorable twins grew up in the same high school and are now about to spread their Eagle wings!  They are hilarious, adorable, and have the most charming (and polite!) personalities.  You simply can't help but treasure being around them.  I love what someone said about Phillip, he smiles with his whole face and he does!  One of the most whole hearted smiles I've ever seen!  And I told Ashley her eyes are mesmerizing and anyone who knows her will agree.  Ashley loves her Bubbie so much and he does her (but just likes to pretend he's not as gushy over her:)  But you can tell he'd do anything for that girl.  I wish Ashley and Phillip only the best as their leave the Eagle's nest in 2013 and so appreciate them letting me hang out with them and capture a few special moments.  You can view all of Ashley and Phillip's shoot at




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A big awesome Greek wedding! Burlington, NC I love Greek weddings!  The ceremony, the tradition, the feel of generations all wrapped together... it's just an amazing thing to witness.  And Katherine and Alan's wedding was no exception.  They are the cutest darn couple!  They both grew up states apart and went to work in Disney.  They met there, fell in love there, got engaged there, got married in Burlington, and are in the process of moving back to Disney where Alan just started an exciting new job.  Needless to say, Mickey had to be a part of their big day!  And the wedding was perfect and the reception.... well, now, that's what I call a celebration!!  Best wishes to one of the cutest couples I know.  You can view all of their photos from the big day in their wedding gallery at  Enjoy!

Granza-5656 Granza-2818


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Another Eagle soaring! I've watched this little girl grow up these past few years into a beautiful young woman.  Her sweet and fun spirit is as amazing inside as she is outside.  Madison's a senior this year at Eastern Alamance High School and her life for the past many years has been cheering, along with some other great feats like photography.  Her mom wanted some senior shots of her in her cheer uniforms at the place she'd spent a lot of her high school career, on and around the football field, and campus.  It brought back some great memories because I cheered at EA in those same spots Madison did and those were some of the best years of my life.  We got some fun shots of her on and around the field, with the Jedi sign in memory of her amazing friend who soared on to a better life beyond this place earlier this year, with the Fred Brady memorial to another amazing person who touched all of us in Mebane in some way or the other, with the new EA 50th anniversary signs on campus (a historical year to graduate!), and then with the painted Eagle at the old "smoking" wall (ha!) but which represents the school we know and love.  Congratulations Madison and best wishes for an awesome senior year! 


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Big ol' bears! The first time I met "them," Santa and I were doing photos at Eastern Alamance High School.  Matt had called and asked if he and his wife, Susan, could bring their Leonberger dogs and puppies for pictures with Santa.  I said sure!  I'd never heard of a Leonberger so I thought, "oh, how cute this will be."  Well, in walk Matt and Susan with only what I can relate to by saying these big ol' bears and I mean that only in relation to size and in the most endearing way.  I know the look on our faces, including poor Santa, was hilarious.  We called that shot Santa and his reindeer!  There were the Mom and Dad and several puppies the size of my youngest child in middle school!  It was quite funny and fun and we got some great shots with Santa.  I fell in love with those little bears then:)  Matt and Susan raise litters of these puppies and are two very loving parents.  They take portraits of each litter for their puppy wall at home and last weekend, I was given the opportunity to photograph them.  I had it made as all I had to do was sit and wait and shoot.  Matt and Susan ran a marathon chasing puppies.... wore me out just watching!  But they assured me that all of a sudden they would drop like flies.  I was skeptical but they were right.  First one plopped, then another, then another... until all nine were down.  And then, like rag dolls, Matt and Susan could have set them afloat on the pond, it wouldn't have mattered!  It was fun, amazing, and a beautiful sight to behold, and I am so thankful Matt and Susan allowed me to be their photographer for this litter.  Enjoy!! 


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Fore!!! I remember years ago seeing this young man in the Mebane paper for the first time winning some golf tournament somewhere.  All of a sudden, I was seeing him in there constantly!  I remember discussing with my husband how great it was that he was in our school district meaning we'd have him on the Eastern Alamance golf team some day!  Well, that time came and he's now going to be completing his last season as an Eagle this year.  I was thrilled to get to do all of his senior portraits at Mill Creek Golf Club where he has lived, breathed, played, and been raised a lot of the time during the last few years.  You can tell the people that work there think of him as one of their own children.  Kyle is a very smart and polite young man and he knows his golf!  And if you know his family, you know where he gets all the good stuff - and watch out for little brother, Will, coming along playing anything and everything!  Thanks, Kyle, and mom, Elaine, for allowing me to take these shots... I had a great time and I hope you enjoy!  Best wishes Kyle! 

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I met a Supermom! All I can say is Carrie Logan is a Supermom!  I met Carrie a few years ago photographing her son, Drew, in sports.  But somehow I did not know she had a 2 year old and a daughter starting her senior year tomorrow!  I had so much fun trying to capture a few “2” moments of Camden while catching some senior photos for Kailee.  Of course, cutie pie Drew got a few in there too!  I just wish I’d had photos of myself, Carrie, Kailee, Drew, and their friend, Annette, as we all tried to get Camden to look at the camera and smileeeeeeeeee.  But one thing I love about what I do is snapping away and getting home to find those "ahhhh" shots that'll melt your heart.  I think there are a few of those in their gallery.  I hope you’ll enjoy! 

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We're getting married! Kasey & Michael Had a great time walking around getting shots of the cutest couple, Kasey and Michael, this week.  They're getting married on June 1st!  And what a wake up call when they're the same age as my second child, not my first, my second!  I'm getting olllllld.  But anyway, they're adorable and just love each other to death.  They're both Eastern Alamance graduates (go Eagles!) which made it fun for me as well.  Enjoy the show!


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We are family! Kenny and Family As some of you have seen on Facebook, I was honored to get to spend time with the Martin family last weekend and photograph their celebration of Mr. Martin's birthday and Susan Martin's 50th.  All I can say is what a great family!  Kenny and Tommy are two of the most awesome people I've ever met... and Murphy too, of course.  Their home is not only gorgeous but warm and inviting which I understand is all thanks to Tommy.  Tommy has a calling!  Fun and love was shared by all, as I think you can see from the shots below (and a few peeks at their home:), and it was a blessed night.  I thank God for knowing people like this and for them sharing their family time with me:)  Enjoy the slideshow... and I think the song just fits!  

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Seeing double! Maddie & Kensie's Shoot I had a blast shooting Maddie and Kensie on Saturday.  Their mom, Marcia, is one of my favorite people in the world and the girls have grown so dear to me.  They are both funny, goofy (in a good way:), striking, and beautiful all rolled up into two separate but almost identical creatures.  The girls start middle school this year and I loved Marcia's idea of shooting them in downtown Mebane now (which I LOVE!), and then again when they start high school, and when they graduate, so we can see them in the same places as they grow over these next few (and really fast) years.  

I hope you'll enjoy the slideshow of their gallery below but first I had to share this fun shot we got quite by accident (and no, I wasn't quite fast enough!) as the iconic train came through as we started our shoot.  How lucky was that?!




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It's all about family! Griggs and Alarcon family portraits Griggs-6418

I first met Erlyn a few years ago while doing team photos.  Her daughter, Avery, plays almost every sport and the first time I "shot" her, I remember thinking how exceptionally beautiful she was... and she still is!  Then I found out she had a sister, Alana, coming along behind her and oh my goodness, she's gorgeous too!  There are some good genes in that family!  Anyway, Erlyn's family is spread out over the country and get together once a year and on Friday, while they were all in Mebane, I got the chance to take some family shots and finally meet the father of those beauties, Obie.  The entire family was wonderful and I had a great time!  We walked around a big fantastic barn, fought off a few weeds, and then were blessed to have the Phipps family share their amazing backyard with us.  Thank you to Erlyn, Obira, Rex, Christine, Ernie, Emilen, Avery and Alana for sharing a portion of your family time with me!  Safe travels! 

Alana wasn't in the mood for a ton of photos but capturing her all serious or smiley, it didn't matter, beauty if beauty:



Avery... well, radiant is a word I would use for her.  One of my favorite shots of the day!


Rex and Christine, you can tell they just belong together!


Erlyn, Obie, Avery and Alana:


The entire family with Ernie and Emilen, also known as Lola and Lolo, Filipino for grandmother and grandfather.  You can tell they love those girls as much as those girls love them!


Griggs-6509 Griggs-6495 Griggs-6536 Griggs-6434

Griggs-6462 Griggs-6562 Griggs-6552

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Dillon, Dillon, Goose... get it?! I had the best time shooting Dillon this week!  He is a senior at Eastern Alamance High School - go Eagles!  While Dillon is a natural model, he is also very polite and you can tell he loves his Mama which I think is admirable...Chase, did you hear that?  Anyway, Dillon brought along his Mom, Erica, and he actually wanted her to stay which I loved!  He also brought a very special member of their family, the dog named Goose.  Goose was awesome!  He ran around everywhere, in everything, would stop to pose for pictures, and then get back on his merry way.  He definitely added a cool element to the day as you can see in his shots with Dillon below.  Dillon is extremely smart and is considering going to N.C. State to be an engineer.  I have no doubt he'll do that and more!  And Goose... well, he'll just be happier every time he sees his boy come home!  Here are just a few of my favorites shots from the day.  To view all of Dillon's shoot, you can visit our Senior Portrait gallery on our website.  Thanks for stopping by!


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OMG, I'm a blogger! I didn't think it would happen to me!  But I saw everyone else doing it and thought why not?!  I am now officially a blogger.  For anyone who stumbles upon this, just know it's all new to me, and thank you in advance for bearing with me while I learn.

A little about me...  I am 48 years old (did I really just type that out loud?!) and am married to Dave who is the principal at Eastern Alamance High School in Mebane, North Carolina.  I actually attended Eastern myself (go Eagles!) and my friends say it's a good thing those walls can't talk... I'm not sure what that means:)  Anyway, we have three children around which our world revolves.  My oldest daughter, Caroline, is 22, and is finishing up her education at UNC-G this year (Lord willing...LOL!).  My "sandwich child" Cassie is 20 and is a junior at Western Carolina University.  And my baby boy, Chase, is 13, and is an 8th grader at Woodlawn Middle School.  Poor kid, I'm hanging on to him for dear life!

I started my official photography business in 2007 and the journey has been amazing.  And every time things are looking bleak and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, God blesses me abundantly with more work than I can do without Him!  Oh yeah, part of His plan?!  So I am very excited about what lies ahead in the next few weeks and what I can share with you. 

Tomorrow I have a senior portrait shoot with a very smart and handsome young man from Eastern Alamance.  He'll be my first shoot to share here (if I can figure out how) and I can't wait!  Until then.... I'm just a click away!

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